Completed Actions

  • In Washington, D.C., the Office of the State Superintendent of Education and Environmental Education Consortium have informed the Healthy Youth and Schools Commission of the Chesapeake Bay Program's sustainable school goals.
  • In Virginia, the Department of Education has asked experts, stakeholders, and state and federal agencies to suggest tools, resources, training opportunities and other assistance to help schools implement sustainable school programs.

Watershed-wide Actions


  • Convene state-level sustainable school meetings to facilitate dialogue and increase intentional connections among people and programs to help schools engage in increasingly sophisticated sustainability efforts.
  • Identify, seek, and facilitate additional funding opportunities to support school sustainability efforts.
  • Increase the number of facilities, health and other related professionals engaged in state-level sustainable school meetings to inform sustainable school efforts and increase cross-disciplinary sustainability considerations.
  • Support the development of school and division-level sustainability plans that outline program components and best practices. Share these plans with partners to encourage replication.
  • Provide partner organizations with information about sustainable school certification programs, opportunities and benefits.
  • Provide partner organizations with successful program models and lessons learned to improve programs and increase collaboration.
  • Collect and disseminate studies and information about sustainable schools’ awards programs, opportunities, and benefits, including cost savings, student health, and student achievement.
  • Encourage and support the implementation of best management practice projects on school grounds that are tied to educational components of the curriculum.
  • Identify funding opportunities to support school sustainability efforts.
  • Create a healthy learning environment through emergent and emergency preparedness response using outdoor, on-site space.
  • Connect with other Chesapeake Bay Program Goal Implementation Teams and state working groups/networks to support implementation of best management practices at schools.