Climate Change

A changing climate puts all aspects of life in the Chesapeake Bay at risk. Warming temperatures, rising sea levels and more extreme weather events have already been observed in the region, along with coastal flooding, eroding shorelines and changes in the abundance and migration patterns of wildlife. Continued changes in environmental conditions will affect the health of the ecosystem and the success of our restoration efforts. Monitoring and assessing the influence climate change has on our work helps us create programs and policies that build the resiliency of our resources, habitats and communities.

Goals: Climate Resiliency


Climate Resiliency

Changing climatic and sea level conditions may alter the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem and human activities, requiring adjustment to policies, programs and projects to successfully achieve our restoration and protection goals. This challenge requires careful monitoring and assessment of these impacts and application of this knowledge to policies, programs and projects.

Goal Increase the resiliency of the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including its living resources, habitats, public infrastructure and communities, to withstand the adverse impacts from changing environmental and climate conditions.
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