Completed Actions

  • In 2016, the Stewardship Team worked with the Chesapeake Bay Trust to launch the Chesapeake Outreach Campaign database. This crowd-sourced collection of outreach campaigns helps residents, program planners and behavior change specialists learn from others how to effectively increase the adoption of environmentally responsible behaviors.
  • In 2017, the Stewardship Team coordinated a survey of 5,200 residents of the Chesapeake Bay watershed to better understand what individuals are doing to protect and restore clean water and how individuals feel about environmental stewardship. The resulting data was used to develop the Stewardship Index: the Chesapeake Bay Program’s first indicator of environmental stewardship and a critical part of tracking progress toward the Stewardship outcome. This survey will be conducted every three to five years.

Watershed-Wide Actions


  • Work with the Diversity Workgroup to identify opportunities to improve our engagement of and communication with underrepresented communities and use the Stewardship Indicator to engage diverse audiences in our work.
  • Work with the Diversity and Toxic Contaminants workgroups to better understand effective communication around safe fish consumption and develop related behavior change campaigns.
  • Connect behavior change practitioners with our database of case studies to help them leverage existing behavior change efforts.
  • Identify opportunities to increase stakeholder understanding of the Stewardship Indicator and use of supporting data.
  • Create an online tool that will give stakeholders access to the Stewardship Indicator’s supporting data.
  • Conduct a gap analysis of resident leader capacity to engage diverse individuals and groups in stewardship.
  • Identify opportunities to measure resident leaders in stewardship.
  • Advance programs that follow our model of stewardship and promote the progression from individual participation in stewardship behaviors to environmental volunteerism and, ultimately, community leadership.
  • Pursue options for increasing the effectiveness of those stormwater outreach programs that are required under existing permitting structures.