Completed Actions


  • Partnered with local government associations to organize 12 workshops/panel sessions on Bay-related topics that have reached an estimated 500 local officials from throughout the watershed.
  • Held state-by-state outreach events, roundtables and training via municipal organizations and state associations.
  • Hosted peer-to-peer outreach and networking through the Local Government Advisory Committee, including the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Forum.
  • Piloted a peer-to-peer learning exchange bus tour that successfully engaged 27 local elected officials in experiential knowledge building and sharing and received an average post-event rating of 4.8/5.
  • Increased Chesapeake Bay Program and general coverage of significant events such as flooding, stormwater and community projects.
  • Shared virtual resources, such as local government association newsletters, educational content and resources related to the Bay outcomes, that have reached an estimated 5,000 local officials and staff.


  • Developed and implemented an approach to determine the baseline and monitor change in the knowledge and capacity of local government leaders to implement watershed protection and restoration activities.
  • Inventoried and assessed formal and informal peer to peer approaches to transferring knowledge related to priority topics to and among local government leaders both inside and outside the watershed.
  • Inventoried, assessed and developed a gap analysis of existing methods and approaches for transferring information to local government leaders (including web and other electronic tools).
  • Delivered information through existing and new or enhanced mechanisms.
  • Through focus groups, interviews and discussions with local government leaders and staff leads, identified and prioritized key information, knowledge and content needs, as well as information sources, to help local government leaders implement the outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement while meeting local resource priorities and goals.