Watershed-Wide Actions


  • Linking the results of analyses completed as part of the Land Use Methods and Metrics Development Outcome to the work being done toward the Land Use Options Evaluation Outcome.

July – December 2016

  • Conducting a literature review on the science and technologies associated with the use of high-resolution imagery in tracking land cover change.
  • Designing a manual, stratified sampling approach to use high-resolution imagery to assess land cover change at the county level between 2005 and 2013.
  • Using the P6 Land Use Database, Chesapeake Bay Land Cover Data series and preliminary U.S. Geological Survey LCMAP Continuous Change Detection and Classification data to assess land use change at a 30-meter cell resolution throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed from 1984 to 2013.

July – December 2017

  • Launching a land change website to house Phase 6 Land Use Data and land change forecast data.
  • Quantifying the impact of land conversion on water quality, healthy watersheds and habitats, and communities.
  • Exploring the development and implementation of a methodology to establish climate-related baselines and targets for the Land Use Methods and Metrics Development Outcome.

Actions in Maryland

  • Assessing the difference between high-resolution land cover maps for Prince George’s County to serve as a prototype for future work. (September 2016)