Watershed-Wide Actions


  • Leading Best Management Practice (BMP) Verification.
  • Supporting continued BMP implementation, tracking and reporting across all source sectors.
  • Upgrading and enhancing wastewater treatment plants and septic systems.
  • Guiding the development of jurisdictions’ trading and offset programs.
  • Providing permit and enforcement oversight across all sectors.
  • Improving temporal and regional patterns in water quality criteria attainment in tidal and non-tidal waters.
  • Coordinating the Chesapeake Bay Program Non-tidal Water Quality Monitoring Network.
  • Addressing gaps in monitoring programs.
  • Developing and applying new approaches for quantifying and explaining water quality trends in tidal waters.
  • Explaining the drivers of water quality trends in the watershed.
  • Communicate the factors affecting trends and better understand response to management practices
  • Contribute to better understanding of co-benefits of water-quality restoration to selected habitats and living resources.