• Public, Government Agency and Non-governmental Organization Engagement
    Recent and ongoing forage research must be synthesized and shared with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and the public.
  • Partner Coordination
    • Selecting one or more environmental indicators to track and assess the status of the Chesapeake Bay’s forage base will require collaboration among Chesapeake Bay Program partners.
    • Ensuring both invertebrate and vertebrate species are represented in our work will require consensus around the objectives of and management approaches guiding this outcome.
  • Scientific and Technical Understanding

    Additional monitoring is needed to determine the presence, abundance and diversity of forage species in shallow-water estuarine habitats. These monitoring needs could be met with a Chesapeake Bay-wide survey or a coordinated effort of small-scale citizen scientists. At present, no comprehensive studies of these habitats exist, and there is little information on the benthic species found here.