Completed Actions


  • Completed the removal of the Bloede Dam on the Patapsco River in Maryland.


  • Gained formal Chesapeake Bay Program acceptance of the methodology behind the “miles opened” metric to support the definition of an upstream functional network.
  • Began regular meetings for Pennsylvania Aquatic Connectivity Team and Virginia Stream Barrier Task Force.
  • Completed the removal of Dugan Run Dam, Wildcat Run Dam, Camp Michaux Lower Dam, Eckenrode Mills Dam, Mountain Springs Dam 2 and Solomons Creek Dam in Pennsylvania.


  • Launched the Chesapeake Bay Fish Passage Prioritization project with the Nature Conservancy to help users identify the fish passage restoration projects that would most benefit migratory and resident fish, develop custom management scenarios and model the potential effects of a fish passage restoration projects at a given dam.
  • Completed the removal of the Monumental Mills Dam along Hazel River in Culpepper County, Virginia.


  • Began regular meetings of the Maryland Fish Passage Team to discuss fish passage issues specific to the state.