Chesapeake Progress

Helping federal, public and internal oversight groups track the Chesapeake Bay Program's progress toward the goals and outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

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Our Commitment

The Chesapeake Bay Program is committed to tracking our progress toward the goals and outcomes of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement. The accurate, up-to-date and accessible information found here helps oversight groups hold us accountable for our work. We envision abundant life, clean water, conserved lands and a diverse range of citizens and stakeholders who will steward an environmentally and economically sustainable watershed.

Our Latest Progress

Recently released data
A student tests water using an eyedropper

Fewer Districts Report System-Wide MWEE Availability

Meaningful Watershed Educational Experience availability varies across the region, with an overall increase in "some availability" reported.

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Uncertain Outlook for Environmental Literacy Planning

2022 survey showed a decrease in well-prepared districts but an increase in somewhat prepared ones.

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Wild turkeys in a preserved habitat

9.1 Million Acres of Watershed Land Protected

The 1.6 milliion acres added since 2010 represent 82% of the 2025 goal.

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Outcome Status Updates

The recent progress and attainability outlook for these outcomes were prepared for the March 2023 Quarterly Progress Meeting.

The recent progress and long-term outlook status for each Outcome as well as when each status was last updated, grouped by Goal.
Water Quality
2025 Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs) Outcome
Recent progress decrease. Updated September 2023
Outlook offCourse. Updated June 2022
Water Quality Standards Attainment and Monitoring Outcome
Recent progress increase. Updated September 2023
Outlook onCourse. Updated September 2023

Our Funding

$536 million was invested by federal agencies for environmental restoration of the Chesapeake Bay watershed in fiscal 2022. Learn more about our funding