• Actions in Maryland, Virginia and the Potomac River


    • Working to improve harvest accountability within each jurisdiction.
    • Using existing reports and ongoing studies to continue discussion of the recreational blue crab harvest and its impact on the fishery.
    • Identifying available economic information and considering future data collection to better understand the quantitative value of the blue crab fishery and impacts of regulatory changes.
    • Continuing to support the existing process through which the Chesapeake Bay Stock Assessment Committee (CBSAC) analyzes annual Winter Dredge Survey results and provides scientific and management advice through annual blue crab advisory reports.

    January – June 2016

    • Finalizing the scope, terms of reference and timeline for the next stock assessment.
    • Identifying possible funding mechanisms to support the next stock assessment.

    July – December 2016

    • Identifying stakeholder concerns and/or support for the allocation of a Bay-wide Total Allowable Catch (TAC) of blue crabs.
    • Compiling available, necessary data and determining how to calculate a Bay-wide TAC.

    January – June 2017

    • Completing the research, modeling and analyses that are needed for the next stock assessment.
    • Coordinating a review of the next stock assessment results by the CBSAC, Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team members and interested scientists, and discussing the stock assessment results with stakeholders.
    • Exploring the feasibility of allocating a percentage of a Bay-wide TAC to jurisdictions, which could result in a recommendation not to pursue an allocation-based jurisdictional management approach.
    • Compiling a list of potential Bay-wide TAC allocation methods, determining which methods (if any) have sufficient supporting data and obtaining stakeholder feedback on these methods.
    • Obtaining public feedback on potential Bay-wide TAC allocation methods.