• Progress

    A method of measuring change in public attitude, behavior and volunteerism associated with environmental stewardship is under development and will be used to track progress toward this outcome.

    The long-term success of our restoration work will depend on the support of the people who call this watershed home. As more individuals and organizations direct their time, talents and resources toward reducing pollution, restoring streams and protecting the environment, we will build a larger, broader and more diverse community of citizen stewards to support our conservation goals.

  • Management Strategy

    To achieve the citizen stewardship outcome, participating partners have committed to:

    • Establishing mechanisms to measure the impact and track the progress of citizen stewardship programs;
    • Supporting the development and implementation of those highly effective programs that will have the biggest impact on citizen stewardship;
    • Expanding the number and diversity of citizen volunteers and community leaders; and
    • Recruiting, training and supporting more citizen leaders and local champions.

    These partners will also collaborate with the work being done to achieve the diversity, environmental literacy planning, healthy watersheds, local leadership, public access, student and sustainable schools outcomes.

    Monitoring and assessing progress toward the outcome will occur through a stewardship index, which will include a measure of individual behavior change and serve as a baseline from which progress will be measured.

  • Work Plan
    Chesapeake Bay Program partners have committed to taking specific actions over the course of 2016 and 2017 to achieve the high-level approaches identified in the management strategy above.
  • Participating Partners

    The Fostering Stewardship Goal Implementation Team leads the effort to achieve this outcome.

    Participating partners include:

    • The State of Delaware
    • The State of Maryland
    • The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
    • The Commonwealth of Virginia
    • The State of West Virginia
    • The District of Columbia
    • The Chesapeake Bay Commission
    • The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • The National Park Service
    • The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    • The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service