• Completed Actions
    • In 2017, the Sustainable Fisheries Goal Implementation Team (GIT) approved the selection of the Great Wicomico and Lower York rivers as the fourth and fifth tributaries chosen for oyster reef restoration. The Virginia Interagency Oyster Team recommended these tributaries to the Sustainable Fisheries GIT, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers previously identified both rivers as among the most suitable in the Chesapeake Bay for large-scale oyster restoration.
  • Watershed-Wide Actions


    • Restoring and monitoring restoration efforts in the six currently selected Maryland and Virginia tributaries.
    • Tracking oyster restoration efforts in other locations in the region.
    • Collecting data to quantify ecosystem services on restored reefs.
    • Meeting with funding agencies and organizations to maximize available financial resources.
    • Exploring the availability and suitability of alternative substrates.
    • Considering the concerns of shell budget and hatchery capacity and how to address future issues.
    • Implementing and assessing the effectiveness of enforcement plans to address poaching.
    • Informing and obtaining feedback from stakeholders near selected or candidate tributaries.
    • Working collaboratively to promote efficient, streamlined permitting processes.

    January - June 2017

    • Selecting additional tributaries in Maryland and/or Virginia for restoration.